I want to fly

Give me a pair of wings, give me a faith, let me see the undercurrent of life, hear the voice of broken petals.

I want to fly to that of the Gobi Desert Smoke Hongxia sunset, so light the coldest month of my eyes machetes coldness, so that the roar of the wind blowing volume sandstorm blew my blood boiling, so that decisive and tragic touch of red painting I of half the sky, I hear a faint resentment heroic hearts final song.

I flew over them the sky. Even the hero, they also draw the sky full of scars. Solemn face, was blood-soaked country in the former, nor had the slightest change. The road is set, the end is the end of life, they chose to live extraordinary significance and win the worship of later generations.

Wind, the sword down.

Life singer screeching halt. Only the desert wind is still howling, the hero of the story passed down through generations.

I want to fly to the ancient plains of the United States Soda Mia, so that the winding Tigris and kissed my face, wash the stain on my soul; to the black basalt tell me the secret of the Millennium wind and rain, to reproduce the prosperous era of ancient Babylon , so that the mystery of the majestic temple priest opened the door of time and space, leads me to bow out of the campaign starting cloth.

I fly like the sun has a golden glow that country, thousands of cuneiform spell carved weathered, ancient civilizations only obscure the language, ancient legends become immortal poems. Inscription tells of a bizarre juxtaposition across the indelible memory.

Flowers in full bloom, and then disappear.

I think over the North Pole’s ice and snow, from heaven in the recent local listening angels sing.

I want to fly on the peak of the Alps, breathing the pure air, feel the most real beating.

I want to fly into the depths of the tropical rain forest, touch the root of the winding vines and embrace the sun shining through the shadows of the mottled … …

I want to fly all over the corners of the world, so she became my garden. A man, a pair of wings and enjoy the tranquility of the fifty thousand meters altitude and time travel pleasure.

I, want to fly.

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